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Sapphire Perfume Diffuser

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Aromatherapy Essential oil diffuser, Stress Reliever, Beautiful & Stylish Decoration  for your living Space.The Aromatherapy diffuser  fills  your space with lovely fragrance, portable for home, yoga, office, spa, perfect gift for the Family. These diffusers  have changing colors, each color  can be changed or fixed. The lights filtered through the crystal salt rock are especially beautiful and give a relaxed atmosphere at work and while reading, meantime add moisture  to the  air to eliminate dryness, and moisturize the skin and throat. Set the mood by selecting your favorite colored light option. On days when you are feeling stressed or in need of  mood boost, an essential oil diffuser can transform your home in to sanctuary.Himalayan Salt purifies  and deodorizes the air when the light is on the salt is heated and releases negative ions, which known vitamins of the air promotes a calm and tranquil  environment deflection negativity and balancing emotions.